Derby, Kansas U.S.A.

2019 Derby Operation

- Applicant Registration Nov. 08,11-15
- Collection of Food/Toys - Nov. 05-Dec. 06
- Food/Toy Sorting & Packing - Dec. 06-08
- Distribution Day/Location - Dec. 09


South Rock Christian Powerhouse
302 N. Georgie, Derby, Kansas

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Contacts Adopt-A-Family Coordinator: 


This program gives your family, business, church, or organization the unique opportunity to give directly to a family in need.

By adopting a family you can personalize your giving.

You are matched with a family size of your choosing.

You contact them personally and purchase children's gifts, non-perishable food, and gift cards that are specific to the families needs and desires.

The deadline for adopting a family is Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

It is important that you make contact with the family you have adopted before November 27. By doing so, they are aware their needs will be met by you personally as opposed to Derby-Operation Holiday in general.

The Adopt-a-Family coordinator Timili ( Please feel free to contact her with questions.

Below are general guidelines for the minimum purchases per family.

10 non-perishable food items per family member. A list of recommended items is available on our website at Suggested Donations. You might consider asking your family what type of food they like.

Dillon's or Wal-Mart gift card for the purchase of perishable food items (i.e. produce, meat, dairy). There is a set dollar amount for the first family member, then incremental amounts for each additional family member.

Two toys per child under the age of 15 (one large gift and one small gift). If a child has a specific wish list that is more expensive, a single more expensive item is fine. Contact your family for ideas of what their children might like. 

Gift card for teens 15-18 usually in the amount of $25.00. You can check with the parents to see if there is a favorite shopping spot.

Gifts should be delivered prior to December 08th unless other arrangements are made with the family.

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